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Mango Juice / Jugo de Mango


I particularly do not care much for mangos.  I have tried them on numerous occasions and have not been very pleased.  Carlos on the other hand, loves mangos and his sister Felicia, forget it.  That girl ate so many mangos the last time she was here she started to look like one.  We had stopped by a place downtown inside the Mercado Zaragoza for some nice ice cold jugos.  I always get the freshly squeezed orange juice and Feli of course wanted the jugo de mango.  She took one sip and flipped her wig on how good it was.  I was the only one around and she wanted me to try it but I couldn’t get myself to.  I just took her word for it.

Several weeks ago mangos were on sale at the HEB, 3 for a dollar.  That was a really good price seeing that the smaller altufo mangos are 2 for 1 or .76 cents a pop sometimes.  Fruits and veggies are very expensive in the U.S.  I bought about 6 mangos for Carlos and Cj to enjoy.

Street vendors who sell mangos will peel them up and cut them to look like a pretty flower and sprinkle them with chile.  Looks good, but still not trying it.

We were down to our last mango and so I decided to make a mango juice for Cj.  Carlos was my taste tester during this experiment.  I tried cutting the mango into pieces into a blender but for some reason I was having a hard time doing this.  How do you cut a mango?  So I just used my huge banana hands and squeezed the heck out of that sucker and all the flesh of the mango just fell out into the blender.  I added water to the blender about half way, some ice and sugar.  Blend away.  Carlos liked it to be a little thick from the crushed ice.  He was very pleased.

1 large mango, more if you’d like
4-6 cups of water
4 ice cubes, more or less depending on how watery or thick you like it
Sugar, to taste