Chicken and Spaghetti


When I visit Austin I always like to show off all the great food I have learned to make.  This time around I only cooked once which was for my brother’s birthday dinner, and really I didn’t do much work.  My mom took care of everything except the green spaghetti.

Easy Hawaiian Chicken – This is a name I gave it because I don’t know what to call it.  This recipe comes courtesy of Carlos’ aunt Pati.

Use your favorite cuts of chicken.  We used chicken legs.  I find chicken on the bone works well because it releases a lot more flavor.  Mix your favorite bbq sauce with crushed pineapple and it’s juices and pour over seasoned chicken.  Place in a 350 degree oven and bake until chicken is tender and falls off the bone, about 45 minutes to an hour.

You could also make this on the stove top.  Season your chicken, brown on all sides, pour your bbq pineapple mixture on top, cover and simmer over medium low heat for about 45 minutes or until tender.

You could also mix bbq sauce and pineapple chunks with it’s juices in a blender.  I like to leave little chunks of pineapple.

A little bit of everything.

Green Spaghetti – This is the go to dish to make when feeding an army here in Mexico and it is really simple.

1 lb of cooked spaghetti
4 large roasted poblano peppers, skin peeled
1/2 a block of cream cheese
1 large bottle of Mexican crema
2 chicken knorr cubes
Panela cheese, cubed (optional)

Blend together poblano peppers, cream cheese, and knorr cubes very well in a blender.  Poor over cooked spaghetti noodles and add the panela cheese if using.  Enjoy!  Yes, it’s that easy!  For a creamier spaghetti add a little evaporated milk.  Regular milk will work fine as well.

A tip when boiling noodles.  Salt the boiling water before adding noodles and add a quarter of an onion for added flavor.

Spaghetti overload


Home-made Christmas Wreath


When I was in first grade I remember an arts and craft project we did for Christmas.  My entire class made Christmas wreaths out of wire hangers and trash bags.  Today I decided to revisit that childhood memory and found a wire hanger and started cutting up all the grocery bags I save after grocery shopping.

Before I got started I was going to use my plain white trash bags I have but I wanted some sort of color incorporated into my wreath.  I remembered that the HEB logo on the grocery bags is in red.  So I got out the scissors and started cutting up bags.

It is a very simple craft for the whole family to enjoy working on together.

What you will need:

1 wire hanger
Trash bags (any color you would like)

Shape your wire hanger into  a circle leaving the hook as is.  Cut trash bags into 2-3 inch strips.  Wrap one strip around the round shaped part of the hanger and tie into a tight know.  Push the tied know up to the top of the hanger.  Repeat with all trash bag strips until the hanger is completely covered.

The final product

Next year I hope to do a Home-made Christmas with connecting rings made of red and green construction paper, popped corn strung around the tree, and cut-out adornments.  Cj will be a little older to help with safety scissors and I think he would really enjoy doing so.

Merry Christmas!