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Home-made Christmas Wreath


When I was in first grade I remember an arts and craft project we did for Christmas.  My entire class made Christmas wreaths out of wire hangers and trash bags.  Today I decided to revisit that childhood memory and found a wire hanger and started cutting up all the grocery bags I save after grocery shopping.

Before I got started I was going to use my plain white trash bags I have but I wanted some sort of color incorporated into my wreath.  I remembered that the HEB logo on the grocery bags is in red.  So I got out the scissors and started cutting up bags.

It is a very simple craft for the whole family to enjoy working on together.

What you will need:

1 wire hanger
Trash bags (any color you would like)

Shape your wire hanger into  a circle leaving the hook as is.  Cut trash bags into 2-3 inch strips.  Wrap one strip around the round shaped part of the hanger and tie into a tight know.  Push the tied know up to the top of the hanger.  Repeat with all trash bag strips until the hanger is completely covered.

The final product

Next year I hope to do a Home-made Christmas with connecting rings made of red and green construction paper, popped corn strung around the tree, and cut-out adornments.  Cj will be a little older to help with safety scissors and I think he would really enjoy doing so.

Merry Christmas!